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Callan Method Teacher Book Download

While many people feel very strongly about language learning/teaching methods, there are no methods that I would say are always right or always wrong. As a teacher, I have taught using many different methods (including direct methods like Callan Method). I have seen students make progress using just about every possible method (including watching soap operas or listening to Metallica).

Callan Method Teacher Book Download

In the Callan Method there are 7 books, one for each level in the method. The books contain lists of questions. The teacher reads each question twice and points to a student to answer. The student is expected to answer as written in the book and will be prompted by the teacher if they stray from this format.

Hi David,You already answered the question I wanted to ask you about the Callan Method. I agree with most of your remarks about this method and would like to add a few more. I was teaching English using this method in Poland and in Ireland for 2 years. Here is what I would add to the disadvantages you mentioned:- the method can become boring for students- students learn questions by heart by repeating them but are not able to speak English when it comes to real situations- what I observed in Poland- due to the enormous popularity of the method in Poland, the Callan schools were recruiting everyone who was more or less able to speak English correctly. There were many "teachers" who didn't enjoy teaching and who didn't use the method properly because they simply didn't care. The result was, for example, advanced students making basic pronunciation and grammar mistakes- the method doesn't use any other interesting/interactive elements (Internet, movies, songs etc...) but hey, that's why it's the direct method, isn't?- no time for questions from the students who sometimes don't understand what the teacher says or simply have questions regarding a particular grammar/vocabulary point- too much teacher-student interaction- the teacher can easily become lazy with the Method, doesn't improve his or her English (if he/she is not a native-speaker)

The big advantage is that the method is really quick. Students learn quite quickly basic grammar and vocabulary.There is an interesting forum about the Callan Method in which I participated on You can find there more information about what teachers think about the method.Pozdrowienia z Tuluzy!

You should always learn in a Callan Method Accredited School as these schools have been approved by the Callan Method Organisation because their teacher teach the Callan Method properly. You will find these Accredited schools at

Brainrush, a gaming company which teaches using games, has reported that students learn 10x faster if they are kept under pressure. The Callan method teacher keep the pupil under pressure in the classroom which is why they learn so fasts. Brainrush has also discovered that repetition is the success to learning and never forgetting. The Callan Method has repetition built into its programme which is why Callan Method Students remember what the have been taught.

The direct method in teaching a language is directly establishing an immediate and audiovisual association between experience and expression, words and phrases, idioms and meanings, rules and performances through the teachers' body and mental skills, without any help of the learners' mother tongue.[3]

Unlike the previous procedure where a compatible dedicated e-reader (like the Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch) is immediately recognizable by Adobe Digital Editions when connected to your computer, transferring EBSCOhost e-books to a smartphone or tablet requires a separate application capable of communicating with Adobe Digital Editions and serving as a book reader. You also need a transfer method that the reader application can understand.

The process for transferring EBSCOhost e-books to a compatible Apple iOS or Google Android device requires that you first download and install an application that can be authorized to communicate with Adobe Digital Editions and function as a book reader. Bluefire Reader is a free application that is excellent for these purposes. You can use Bluefire Reader to open PDF and EPUB files on your mobile device. Download and install the Apple iOS or Google Android version as appropriate. You only have to do this step once.

a) Go back to your computer. I downloaded a new e-book from EBSCOhost into Adobe Digital Editions following the instructions in Step 4 from my previous post. The process went much smoother the second time around! 076b4e4f54


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