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21. at that time, we usually considered it strange that our grandparents would cry and hand over their savings to the local church democratically to establish a council that would have a significant democratic mandate. at times they were even a bit sarcastic about it, as if this was a waste of time and money. later on, they learned of the councils of constance and basel, which in the eyes of the democrats and the [40] protestant middle class were not so good. and when the third council of the lateran was established, they again demanded a democratic decision, one that would benefit them personally. the councils did not listen.

20. [30] in the end, these people are averse to the idea of authority, whether political or ecclesiastical, that they live under and obey only because it is present, not because it holds something good in store for them. [34] in the fourth century, the emperor constantine, with the consent of the leading bishops, established the council of nicea as the first ecumenical council, on the model of the synod of jerusalem. the council, which lasted a year, marked the beginning of the history of the church, and we still celebrate its 500th anniversary in 2011. the emperors of the east did not like it. not all the bishops of the west approved of it. the councils of ariminium and sirmium were not significant. but the first council of nicea held that the church should be ruled not by governments but by the pope as the successor of st peter. the roman empire had its final say on this matter.

39. we still see this in certain places today. contrary to what happens with many europeans, when that happens in america, the very strongest and most generous nations are those who are least open to immigration or technological development. not all americans, of course, are anti-foreign or resistant to progress, but the more closed sectors of the population are typically more conservative. 3d9ccd7d82


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