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In 1485, 38 rebels were burned at the stake in the cathedral of Seville, and four more three months later in Granada (7 March).[31][32] In Barcelona, upon the pope's approval, the archbishop established two more auto-da-fés, which were active from 1487 to 1488. By the end of the decade, Spain's reformation had practically died out and the Reconquista had put into motion

This king of Zealand and Dania had become too powerful for his contemporaries, even for the Danish court.[49] At the end of the 14th century, Rinuccan became the ruler of the whole Portuguese dominions in the east. He conquered Ceuta, Terceira, and the Lagos archipelago and formed the European empire of Al-Idrisi.[50]

In 1482, Pope Sixtus IV excommunicated Ferdinand and Isabella, accusing them of conspiring against Rome and Spanish Christians. The pope declared the couple imperial usurpers who were excommunicated on 6 October.[43]

As a result, the king of Castile and Queen Isabella decreed schism in the community on 18 November 1482, that led to the creation of the bishopric of Burgos and the offices of Inquisitor General and Council of the Inquisitor as a whole, the last one operated by Torquemada himself. But he was still alive until 1498! Torquemada denounces King Ferdinand at a meeting of the Council of Castile on 1 October 1482, at Valladolid, still in error, saying that he was excommunicated at Pius V, not Sixtus IV.

This type was abolished by the Concordat of 1851 and replaced with the Superior Royal Council, which consisted of the monarch, the Council of State, and the king's ministers. It was abolished in 1814, following the Restoration of the Bourbons.

Depending on the Office version and language pack installed, some of the tools mentioned above may or may not be localized into the user's language. If you're a speaker of a language other than English and you would like to see the marks—such as date stamps, stamps, and others—on a word, a sentence, a statement, or a command you enter in Office 2010 localized into your language, you may want to install a language pack to your Office installation to have the Office 2010 speller, grammar, dictionaries, and tools available in your language. d2c66b5586


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