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Car Insurance Peoria Il

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On average, car insurance in Peoria costs $1,428 for full coverage per year. It is much lower than the national average of $1,674 and slightly lower than the state average of $1,485 per year. Your exact Illinois car insurance cost depends on several factors, including your age, gender, claims history, and the make and model of your vehicle.

Expect age range to be a major factor in determining car insurance rates. Some age ranges have higher risk profiles than others. For example, Peoria teenagers can expect to pay three times the amount of premiums as Peoria drivers in their 50s and 60s.

Illinois is an at-fault state, meaning drivers who are responsible for accidents are required to pay for them. So it is important to seek a full car insurance policy with high comprehensive, collision, and property damage limits.

If you are leasing a vehicle, do not forget your finance company. Your finance company will require you to have an active insurance policy upon taking the vehicle out of the lot. Sometimes, they will ask that you obtain coverage greater than the state minimums. Please consult with the finance company before leasing a new vehicle.

Thankfully, there are many ways to save money on car insurance in Peoria. One of these methods involves taking out a multi-policy discount, which combines your homeowners, auto, boat, RV, or other insurance policies to save on each one. Other ways you can save on car insurance include:

Freeway Insurance is here to help Peoria, Illinois residents find the best and cheapest car insurance policy. Get started with a quote online, visit us at a Peoria office near you, or request a free, no-obligation quote by calling us at (800) 777-5620.

Each year, drivers in Peoria pay an average of $791 for car insurance, lower than the Illinois average by 30.2%. GEICO offers the cheapest car insurance in Peoria at $495 per year on average. MoneyGeek also determined the cheapest policies by coverage amount and driving history. For drivers valuing both affordability and excellent service, we recommend the best car insurance companies in Peoria.

MoneyGeek determined the best car insurance companies in Peoria based on average costs, customer satisfaction, claims and financial stability using data collected from J.D. Power, AM Best and the NAIC.

Full-coverage policies, which typically include liability insurance, along with collision and comprehensive insurance, are generally more expensive than state-minimum coverage. Details on these additional coverages include:

Unlike a full-coverage policy, state-minimum coverage has low liability limits and does not have collision and comprehensive insurance. The following table offers insight into how rates vary with different coverage levels.

For example, if two injured passengers accumulated a medical bill of $60,000, a state minimum-insurance policy only covers up to $50,000 total injuries, leaving you to pay the remaining $10,000 out of pocket.

Drivers can reduce their car insurance rates over time by improving their driving behaviors. However, since violations may stay on record for a minimum of a year, one effective way to reduce cost immediately is to shop around for companies that offer cheap policies after a driving violation.

MoneyGeek analyzed car insurance companies based on average rates, claims ratings and user satisfaction scores to find the best car insurance companies in Peoria, Illinois. Based on our analysis, the top insurance companies in Peoria are:

GEICO offers the best car insurance in Peoria at $495 per year, ranking first for affordability in the city. GEICO also scores highly in user satisfaction. Drivers in Peoria can purchase multiple coverage options, including mechanical breakdown insurance.

Mechanical breakdown insurance coverage is an add-on you may include in your policy to cover all parts and systems in the car, including those not under dealer warranty. However, only drivers with cars less than 15 months old and with fewer than 15,000


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