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Doors Script Fullbright, Event Notifiers AND ...

If one or more access control systems have been integrated with your VMSShort for "Video Management Software". system through the XProtect Access add-on, you can monitor doors, control door states, investigate access control events, respond to access requests, and manage cardholder information.

Doors Script | Fullbright, Event Notifiers AND ...

Select one or more of the available sources directly from the list of doors or select between other sources (for example access points or controllers from the access control system) to view only events for those units.

When collisions occur, the physics engine calls functions with specific names on any scripts attached to the objects involved. You can place any code you like in these functions to respond to the collision event. For example, you might play a crash sound effect when a car bumps into an obstacle.

Young children need brief simple information that should be balanced with reassurance. This includes informing children that their school and home are generally safe and that adults are available to protect them. Young children often gauge how threatening or serious an event is by adult reactions. This is why, for example, parents are encouraged not to get overly emotional when saying goodbye on the first day of school. Young children respond well to simple examples of school safety, like reminding them the exterior doors are locked, just as you lock your doors at home at night.

To ensure the safety of the guests, artists, and staff, 70% of stages and 100% of food and beverage service are planned for outdoors under tent canopies so guests can celebrate rain or shine. Also, all guests, volunteers, and staff at the event are required to wear masks while indoors.

- id: e1cb2f28-0423-11eb-adc1-0242ac120002alias: Skylar Event Starting soontrigger:- platform: stateentity_id: calendar.skylar_eventsattribute: offset_reachedto: Trueaction:- service: script.status_anncdata:who: ' states.sensor.room_presence.state 'call_interuption: 1call_skylar_events: 1- service: script.text_notifydata_template:who: "all_ios"message: Skylar has states.calendar.skylar_events.attributes.message in 45 minutes.The trigger would be when ever the offset_reached switches to true which would be based on the !!-00:45 in the event title. So the offset is reached 45 mins prior to the calendar start time in this case. 041b061a72


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