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Where To Buy Keens __EXCLUSIVE__

Bonnie: People come from around the world. Emails from around the world about how they'll be coming and where they're coming from. So, really, to be a destination for those people is a special thing, which we really try and live up to their expectations.

where to buy keens


Customer: If you see everything, all of the photographs on the walls, you could just go back in time and realize that where you're sitting, where you're dining, where you're having a beautiful glass of wine is where so many decades of so many people have had the pleasure of enjoying it.

The only case where these shoes did not hold up were around the beach, mostly because the waterproof nature of the shoe meant that once the sand got in, it never got out until you took it off and shook it.

Thankfully, we had pair of KEEN water shoes, the Newport H2s, that covered all of the other cases where we needed a more open sandal. These were also so rugged that we also wore them hiking at times, but it is worth keeping in mind that since they are open so much, if there is any debris found on the hike (such as twigs or plants with spines) they could find their way to your foot.

About the Author: Jeremy is a full-time travel writer based in Pittsburgh and primary author of this site. He has been to 70+ countries on five continents and seeks out new food, adventure activities, and off-the-beaten-path experiences wherever he travels.

Thanks for the reviews - I've been looking for my 6year old and our trip to Arizona where I think she needs more than tennis shoes. There are some brands I hadn't considered and plenty to choose between.

Katy - My husband and I spent eight months last year traveling the beautiful USA. Our KEENs carried us over mountains, deserts, glaciers (as seen here at Iceberg Lake in Glacier National Park), and everywhere in between. When they finally wore out, guess what?? We found the local outdoor store and got new ones. I love my KEENs! 041b061a72


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