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Hello Teahouse! I am trying my best to update a lot of content involving the Montana Legislature, but not that article specifically. It seems that a lot of content in related articles is outdated, one of which is the Template:Montana State Senators. This template does not reflect he current roster for the Montana State Senate, and thus I have and will continue to make the appropriate updates. That being said, I encountered an issue which I am sure I will encounter again: it looks like there is an individual, Bob Brown who has an extensive history in Montana politics. According to 13 of the current roster, a different Bob Brown is serving.Here is my question: because there is already a Bob Brown (Montana politician) article, and another page needs to be created for another Montana politician named Bob Brown, what is the protocol in naming the article for the latter mentioned Brown Hopefully that makes sense; happy to clarify! Thanks in advance! PerpetuityGrat (talk) 15:47, 18 March 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]

So I'm trying to edit a page regarding a local state politician who I like is running for governor. However, when i tried to post, it got removed because it was considered "promotional material". If possible I would like to know what specific things I had posted were promotional so i can avoid using them. Wiki apparently thinks I have a conflict of interest now because I've tried unsuccessfully several times to make an edit. PLease help Davidbaumel.nj (talk) 19:00, 18 March 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Initially, the article was criticized for lack of significant coverage. Since then, 34 references have been added detailing my subject's participation in philanthropy and politics over the last fifteen years. These include links to the Houston Chronicle, Texas Tribune, and the Washington Post. Several of these articles are full profiles on the subject, during her Congressional campaign and in her philanthropic endeavors. At this point, I'm not sure how to add more independent, reliable, published sources that the admins will consider valid. These repeated requests seem far in excess of what I've seen for other individual articles, and so I'm having trouble identifying the baseline standard I'm expected to meet.

The page on KZ Sachsenhausen in German Wikipedia gives more extensive coverage to the earlier years of the camp and is better structured than the English page. While much of the material that I would add will be taken from primary sources (hopefully to allow the "Needs references" flag to be removed!), it may be helpful to take information from the German page. Are there any guidelines on the etiquette of "borrowing" material from corresponding Wikipedia pages in another language Douglian30 (talk) 14:12, 19 March 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply] 153554b96e


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