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... the provider demonstrates to the satisfaction of the health service investigator, in the normal course of the practice of the nursing service, the safe and effective performance of the services.

When the program is reviewed, the barred and unbarred components of the error rate (percent hard errors) are compared with the data shown on the site map. The bars and red circles are then combined to produce a red dot at the far edge of the red line.

HCFA uses the Nash-Sutcliffe Efficiency (*NS*) index, which relates to a coefficient of determination (*R* ^2^) to measure the accuracy of a regression fit. NS statistics (acronym for "*R* ^2^ Statistics") range from 0.00-1.00. Indices below 0.5 indicate poor or weak fitting, whereas NS values approaching 0.90 indicate a strong fit. The NS index for the theoretical curve passing through the data points was 0.73, which would indicate a strong fit.

I measured linear growth as the change in height and weight from 0 to 12 months of age. Average stature is determined by dividing the sum of weight and height by 3.0, then multiplying by 52.5 (generally correct for the average European adult man). Obesity is defined as a Z-score above 2.5 (generally correct for the average European adult). I calculated Z-scores of height, weight, and BMI using appropriate references for sex and race to determine percentiles (generally correct for the average European adult).

Once you have selected a show or movie to play, double tap on it. The next screen will present information about your selection and give you several playing options. At the top of the screen are buttons to play, add the item to your Watchlist, or download the title. Next is information about the show or movie. d2c66b5586


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