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I would like to get a cutting machine but can only use one hand (a reason for getting a cutting machine!). Obviously that ruled out manual cutting machines hence how I ended up here looking at cricuts as well as Gemini products. Is it possible to set all these three up and use them with one hand? I would love to cut fabric but fear money may be an issue with the explore and maker.

If you plan to use your Cricut all the time and buy different machines, just by being part of their subscription, you get 10% off purchases, including machines, and 20% on materials (when you subscribe to their premium plan).

Thank you so much for this! It answered alot of my questions. I am about to purchase the explore air 2 and I'm pretty nervous as its my first cricut but super excited and this article made me feel alot better about my decision to purchase.P.S wish I could afford the cricut maker at the moment but I'm sure it will come in the near future once I conquer the learning curve of the cricut machine.

These machines cut using software that lets you create, upload, or purchase premade designs. To draw, you can attach a pen instead of a blade. A quick tour of Instagram hashtags (#cricutexploreair2, #cricutmaker3, #silhouettecameo, #silhouettecameo3) shows the wide range of projects that people can do with these machines.

Hi. I have one of this and cricut gave me a couple links wich contacined a list of free images and projects avialable with the purchase of the machine. I was using them really ofeten and had them saved on Chrome. Unfortunaley my husband lost this links when he changed or PC. Do you know what links am I reffering to? Would you please share them with me if you have them? It was two diferent links with the picture of the image of project along with its code to find it on the design space.

Cricut Access - Cricut Access is a monthly or yearly subscription to Cricut's library of images, fonts, and ready-to-make projects. With every new machine, Cricut includes a free month of Cricut Access for new subscribers. This is a great way to try it out and see if it's worth it to you! Plus, you get a discount on materials and supplies you buy from! Learn more about Cricut Access HERE!

I am in the process of upgrading to cricut explore air only because cricut craft room is going away July 15th. I called customer care and they told me you could not use your cartridges with any of the explore machines because they are all cloud based. I have linked all my cartridges except a few. I would have to use my cricut expression to cut those out manually because they will not work on the explore since they are not linked. I hope this helps. I am so sad to see cricut craft room go away! 781b155fdc


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