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Train Simulator: CSX C30-7 Loco Add-On Torrent Download [FULL]

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Train Simulator: CSX C30-7 Loco Add-On Torrent Download [FULL]

Train Simulator: CSX C30-7 Loco Add-On Torrent Download [FULL]

If you are a fan of realistic and complex train simulations, you might want to check out the Train Simulator: CSX C30-7 Loco Add-On, which is now available for torrent download in full version. This add-on features one of the most popular and successful diesel locomotives from General Electric, the C30-7, which was introduced in 1976 and operated by various railroads across the United States.

The C30-7 is a six-axle, 3,000-horsepower locomotive that can handle a variety of mainline services, from freight to passenger. It has a 16-cylinder four-cycle 7FDL-series diesel engine, a length of 67 feet, and a weight of up to 420,000 pounds. The add-on includes two liveries for the C30-7: the classic blue, yellow, and gray "YN2" scheme of CSX, and a weathered version of the same.

The add-on also features advanced controls and interactive operating features, such as standard and advanced start-up procedures, dynamic brakes, horn, headlights, cab lights, windshield wipers, and more. You can also explore the detailed cab and exterior models of the locomotive, which are faithfully recreated by Virtual Rail Creations (VRC), a developer specialized in train simulations.

The Train Simulator: CSX C30-7 Loco Add-On requires the base game Train Simulator Classic on Steam in order to play. It is part of the Pro Range series, which is aimed at the serious train simulation enthusiast looking for a complex machine to master. The add-on also comes with three scenarios for the Miami - West Palm Beach route (available separately) that will test your skills as a C30-7 engineer.

If you want to experience the power and performance of the GE C30-7 locomotive in Train Simulator, you can download the torrent file from this link: Please note that this is a fan-made torrent and we are not responsible for any issues or damages that may arise from using it. Always scan your files before opening them and support the official developers by purchasing their products if you enjoy them.

The GE C30-7 locomotive was a successful product of the "Dash 7" line, which improved the fuel efficiency and reliability of the previous "U-boat" series. The C30-7 was widely used by several railroads in the U.S., such as CSX, Union Pacific, Norfolk Southern, Burlington Northern, and more. Some of them also exported the locomotive to other countries, such as Brazil, Mexico, China, and Australia. The C30-7 was retired from service in the late 1990s and early 2000s, but some of them are still preserved in museums or operated by short lines and industrial operators.

The Train Simulator: CSX C30-7 Loco Add-On gives you the opportunity to relive the glory days of the C30-7 in a realistic and immersive simulation. You can drive the locomotive on various routes and scenarios, or create your own with the powerful editor. You can also customize the locomotive with different horns, bells, numbers, and logos. The add-on is compatible with other Train Simulator add-ons that feature CSX or other U.S. railroads.

If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding train simulation experience, you should not miss the Train Simulator: CSX C30-7 Loco Add-On. Download the torrent file today and enjoy the ride! aa16f39245


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