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Native Instruments Giant Piano: A Review

Native Instruments Giant Piano: A Review

If you are looking for a piano VST plugin that delivers a unique and dynamic playing experience with a sound that's nothing short of inspiring, you might want to check out Native Instruments Giant Piano. This plugin is based on the sound of the world's biggest upright piano, the Klavins Piano Model 370i, which is over three meters high and weighs over two tons. The Giant Piano captures the sound of this colossal instrument in amazing detail, with an extremely strong low end, crystalline highs, rich overtones, plenty of punch, and a colossal sonic spectrum.

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The Giant Piano is suitable for a variety of musical genres and styles, from urban pop, film score pathos, soft piano ballads, driving rock riffs, to dim jazzy timbres. It comes with 40 meticulously-tweaked presets that provide production-ready starting points, and detailed control options that let you precisely shape the sound in every dimension. You can adjust the tone, color, resonance, dynamics, space, and more to create your own custom sound.

But that's not all. The Giant Piano also features a dark, cinematic alter ego that offers an irresistible playground for sound design and dramatic effects. This version of the instrument contains a mix of unconventional, individually-sampled sound sources, such as overtones, resonances, plucked strings, release sounds, and special techniques such as piano hits, kicks, sweeps, or scratches. You can blend these sounds with the main piano sound or use them separately to create avant-garde sounds that are enhanced with a dedicated FX convolution engine with over 100 special piano effect impulse responses.

The Giant Piano runs in Kontakt or the free Kontakt Player and integrates seamlessly with Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol keyboards. It is one of the most versatile and expressive piano VST plugins on the market and offers a larger-than-life sound that will make your music stand out.

The Giant Piano was sampled by sonic artisan Uli Baronowsky of Galaxy Instruments, who also created the Kontakt-based Galaxy line of pianos and Galaxy X, a virtual instrument based on the same effect convolution technique used in the Cinematic version of The Giant Piano. The sampling process involved recording the Klavins Piano Model 370i at the Saal 3 at the Funkhaus Berlin with high-quality microphones and amps. The result is a faithful and realistic representation of the instrument's sound and character.

The Giant Piano has received positive reviews from users and critics alike, who praised its sound quality, playability, versatility, and creativity. Some of the artists who have used The Giant Piano include Nils Frahm, Alicia Keys, Hans Zimmer, Junkie XL, and many more. The Giant Piano has also been featured in various music productions, such as film scores, TV shows, video games, and commercials.

If you are interested in trying out The Giant Piano for yourself, you can download a free demo version from the Native Instruments website. The demo version allows you to play the instrument for 15 minutes per session and includes a selection of presets and sounds. You can also watch some video tutorials and listen to some audio demos on the product page. The full version of The Giant Piano costs $99 USD and requires 4 GB of free disk space and Kontakt 5 or Kontakt 5 Player (free) to run. e0e6b7cb5c


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